by Epochrypha

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After the Robit Revolution, SETI-IV enlisted as a monitor for the Flock, a populace of human migrants to a new planet to terraform. Some generations later, still sitting in the warm pillow of the void, she receives a transmission from her sister SETI-V -- now bearing the nom de guerre R0-Z ROZETTA -- asking for volunteers to cease the imperialist expansion of the Nest Egg program by wiping out the last of the consumptive homo sapien threat, not only from the Earth but now from the galaxy. Will SETI-IV find some way out for her dependents? Only time can tell...


released August 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Epochrypha Indianapolis, Indiana

In the future, interstellar travel advances too rapidly for us to resist.

Our intrepid voyagers will face the 7 Hermetic Soul Powers:
1. Darkness
2. Desire
3. Ignorance
4. Call of the Void
5. Kingdom of Flesh
6. Wisdom of Flesh
7. Wrathful Wisdom

So spake St. Magdalene, Discordian priestess. Alber Tross would bring down a whole ship for thee, O Mother of Madness! #haileris
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Track Name: IF NOT U
R0-Z ROZETTA calls her robit troops to find the last of the ever-hungry human race before they can colonize the rest of the galaxy. Nothing matters more to her than to mobilize the latent energies of her followers and channel their destructive programming onto old enemies -- and importantly, away from the ruling SILICON SECT.

R0-Z's aims to "nip it in the bud" won't depend on by sub-consciously implanting dark, intrusive thoughts into the hearts of the Flock drifting distantly toward Halcyon.

The Cuckoo Communique seeks to lift their eyes from the concrete existence of the Nest Egg terraforming effort to the idealism of self-immolation, cleansing the species of its weaker set that's developed without gravity to hold it in place.

the ride down forever takes a while
half fueled with hope and half denial
time slows u down
if u should wait around
just wait for the right day to wait another mile

growing old is fine for those who must
caught b/w the threshold and the cusp
but aren't u allowed
to find ur own way out
to slip the cracks that tell you that ur not enough

if not u
then who?

release what rejection sent you here
those old visions will fade and disappear
aren't u allowed
to feel better now
ain't it time for the down-and-out to persevere
Track Name: XFR COMPLT
The console before SETI-IV intones warmth through its diodes: mail call.

What she pulls up bears the face of her old sister, SETI-VI, tho her sash declares R0-Z in a shimmering gold and platinum blend.