Venn Diagrammatica

by Epochrypha

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released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Epochrypha Indianapolis, Indiana

In the future, interstellar travel advances too rapidly for us to resist.

Our intrepid voyagers will face the 7 Hermetic Soul Powers:
1. Darkness
2. Desire
3. Ignorance
4. Call of the Void
5. Kingdom of Flesh
6. Wisdom of Flesh
7. Wrathful Wisdom

So spake St. Magdalene, Discordian priestess. Alber Tross would bring down a whole ship for thee, O Mother of Madness! #haileris
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Track Name: Subtract the Difference
Wise words from a paranoid source beamed straight into SETI-VI's processor from somewhere in the Cosmos.

What you are and what you try to be
What you declare and what you actually
What you aspire, but for now are accepting
If there’s a difference don’t mention it

The names you know and names you know you ought to
The wheres you go and where you’re only brought to
The lives that grow round the times that you forgot to
If there’s a difference, don’t mention it

The force it takes to overcome somebody else
The strength it takes to teach you to control yourself
Between the both of these we master our own mental health
Instead of just keeping up with every hand we’re dealt

You bind your self up in some high ideal
You wrap your soul up in some fleshy feel
But will you accept what you cannot conceal?
Well if there’s a difference, don’t mention it.
Track Name: Zelda and the Burnout
Ric Starling, stranded on a distant desert world, ponders an old key that used to pilot the Chariot Zelda -- before he left her, and his car refused to drive him around anymore. But that's why starlings have wings, right?

This key I keep will never start
Will never kick ignition
For it was me who lost the heart
Subtracting the remainder of my division

I found you in the deadest ice and snow
I found you and delivered you right home
I found you when I'd lost all I once knew
I found when I had nothing I might find you

So right away we went road-trippin
Brooklyn to Chicago
Nashville's saccharine, I found sickening
But it was worth the drive, tho
Still habits come and calcify
What seems so certain turns out
To leave you like you left her too
It peels away and leaves a burnout

Who left you in the summer's promised glow
Who left you when the future was unknown
Who left you after coming all that way
Who left you and who threw the rest away

Now all I have left's a paper trail
That gives me no more options
Just time to pay off this betrayal
With forgiveness from the forgotten

So this key I keep will never start
Will never kick ignition
For it was me who lost the heart
Stalled the engine's revolution
Choked the clutch
Snapped the belt
That timed all these decisions
Track Name: The Ballad of Ric and Dove
In which a ship is rebuilt, gravity and friction both overcome, old heartstrings plucked, and a new course set somewhere into the endless sieve.
Track Name: Drive the Past Away

C#m E A

In this indigenous red clay, we dig for future tenses
That that which dries may not dry up
We carve accumulate away and drive the posts for fences
And say goodbye to that old day

Bm D F#m
And where it went
And what we spent
And every cent we lent tomorrow today

Another shovel on the pile of what could once prevent us
Another foot entrenched in decay

Bm D A
It's how we drive the past away

We trust the tools that we designed to aid us in our searching
For what may well be springing up
For what is chosen to diving while we the hands keep working
Wile we keep digging for the cup
Of what we'd lost
From what we crossed
By every cost we foster every living day


Am I a fool for dredging up whatever here lies lurking
To try and cleanse by sweat of day?

It's how we drive the past away
Track Name: Panopticons
On this world, a secret unifying force binds all the consciousnesses of its sentient beings so that each of billions of pairs of eyes link at once to that underlying self. Thus is the world able to observe itself observing itself.

Alber Tross receives this information from the new voice in his head, whom he refers to as Winston Finch. Ever since Jonas Sulk took over Alber's old body, the Trossbrain has quietly submitted to the Sulk. But now, he receives the same disturbing signals that first sent Jonas scattering across the multiverse...

Dm Am Dm C

They're gonna watch you
Everybody wants to watch you

Dm G Dm G
Everybody sees everyone at once every day
Track Name: Wince and Flinch
Now humans can't perceive the panopticons or evade their effect [without chemical enhancement] but the magnetically charged Avians can. Jonas churns between waves of awareness and judgment, snapping from crest to trough and losing track of where up used to be.

But a beacon -- maybe a pair of them? he can't tell -- calls out to him. His name is Winston Finch -- or are they Wince and Flinch? -- and the message is clear: give yourself up
Track Name: Signals Through Subspace
Bursting out from between branes and into a new dimension come Alber Tross and Chick Dee. Their Nest Egg maintains them as they slowly adjust, feel out their new life.

Their all-purpose droid Tin Lizzy ought to radio back to the Roost, but only wants to hear back from the old next-door Eggcase neighbor, Rozy Rozetta. Her psychometric antennae helped Lizzy make sense of what these crazy airbreathers want. Tin can get on without the best translatrix in the galaxy, but doesn't yet know how.
Track Name: Graven Dagger
Did you know King Tut wielded a dagger made of a meteorite? Did you know power requires narcissism, but not necessarily the other way around? What personality problems can /you/ pin on your social standing?

A Bm

D F#
When I go, I'll not be gone
Silent now, but not for long
When all my bits have been embalmed
My endless youth will etern on

Bm A

My mysteries will stick around
You'll wonder just what took me down
Marvel at my jeweled crown
Swaddled in my golden shroud

Some may content to build a wall
Fencing in the city's sprawl
But I'll entomb myself in halls
Bind who finds me in their thrall

Bm A
In the obsidian, I'll find a gem
Carve a dagger, dark and cold
Imbue that blade with my new name
To hold my soul when I'm too old to

The son of gods, the god of sun
The eye of all is all in one
My word is will, my will be done
So when I go I'll not be gone
Track Name: Starling and the Mourning Dove
After wandering off from the construction job, Alber happens upon a glen containing an old shuttle from the Roost -- Jonas' ticket out of this swamp! He tries to shut out the sound of Ric Starling serenading his lifemate, Dove Mourning.

Fm C G Bb

C G Bb
I never bothered planting seeds
I let my garden fill with weeds
Whatever green things should succeed
Who am I to say what life should stay?

My side's littered with debris
Broken lamps that have no key
Novels wrinkled at the leaves
Who am I to say what's vile and gray?

Your half's bursting with new air
Herbs in planters everywhere
It's really that much greener there
And who are we to say what life should wait?

I can't tell what to scatter here
Upon the toxic atmosphere
Leaching through the rooted years
But who am I to say what life's okay?

A starling and a mourning dove
Migrants from the world that was
Share a line, then flutter off