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by Epochrypha

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Space Cowboy Sal Junko has all the time in the world to groove to some tunes, and he's quite proud of what he's managed to collect over the decades. This is his go-to list.


released May 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Epochrypha Indianapolis, Indiana

In the future, interstellar travel advances too rapidly for us to resist.

Our intrepid voyagers will face the 7 Hermetic Soul Powers:
1. Darkness
2. Desire
3. Ignorance
4. Call of the Void
5. Kingdom of Flesh
6. Wisdom of Flesh
7. Wrathful Wisdom

So spake St. Magdalene, Discordian priestess. Alber Tross would bring down a whole ship for thee, O Mother of Madness! #haileris
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Track Name: Big Wave -- Jenny and Johnny
Space Cowboy Sal Junko looks down the barrel of The Impossible Storm, a solar flare big enough to burn up all the Earth's magnetic field. He looks on all his AI friends and sings them one more before they go.

Living your life in the gray
Is the new American way
We're spending what we haven't made
And we save our money in good faith
And we work hard for our living wage
But still the bank's got to break

Because the dream's a lie
The snake, it bit you
When you were awake
And the book's all fried
You are bankrupted
Because of the loans you take

Big wave
It's gonna hit you with a big wave

I can't sleep these days
And my blues, they won't go away
So there are these little pills I been taking
And my doctor, says they're safe
But I been sleepwalking down to the lake
And waking up in the water

And the feeling's alright
But the snake, it bit me
When I wasn't awake
And the scripts, they lie
I have been poisoned from
All the things I take

Big wave
It's going to hit me with a big wave
Big wave
It's going to hit you with a big wave

I know you feel deprived
Our love is still alive
It's really just that I don't
Feel like it much these days

And my love's a lie
Because the snake, he visits me
When you are away
And your dreams don't lie
I've been corrupted
From all the lovers I take

Big wave
You're going to hit me with a big wave
Big wave
It's going to hit you with a big wave