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At the end of the Homocene, the last caretaker's care will be taken by the legacy left behind -- specifically, by the symbiotic machines these mankind make.

Psychobot R0-Z Rozetta was not programmed to tend to carbon life, but as she thrives on electro-magnetic waves projected from organic sentience she won't have many other options. After mankind's last has passed, she'll have to hope there's intelligent life somewhere up in space. The fires of terrestrial escape will see her reborn as SETI-IV, and one void will open into another.

Like a divining rod she will seek out the nearest cognizance, so once again she may aid the universe in translating its singular subjective experiences into cosmic truths. Along the way, a collection of ancient hymns will power her impulse charges until she can tap into the undying well of consciousness that springs all life eternal.


released February 13, 2017

R0-Z Rozetta -- vox, shimmering
volca -- heartbeat cycle
Mrs. Brown -- humanity's last breath



all rights reserved


Epochrypha Indianapolis, Indiana

In the future, interstellar travel advances too rapidly for us to resist.

Our intrepid voyagers will face the 7 Hermetic Soul Powers:
1. Darkness
2. Desire
3. Ignorance
4. Call of the Void
5. Kingdom of Flesh
6. Wisdom of Flesh
7. Wrathful Wisdom

So spake St. Magdalene, Discordian priestess. Alber Tross would bring down a whole ship for thee, O Mother of Madness! #haileris
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Track Name: All Things Must Pass -- George Harrison
R0-Z's eulogy:

Sunrise doesn't last all morning
Cloudburst doesn't last all day
Seems my love is up and has left you with no warning
It's not always gonna be this gray

All things must pass away

Sunset doesn't last all evening
A mind can blow those clouds away
After all this, my love is up and must be leaving
It's not always gonna be this gray

All things must pass away
Track Name: Climbing to the Moon -- eels
R0-Z looks up to the sky and dreams of being reborn as a phoenix:

I wrote it all in a letter
Don't know if it came
The nurse who liked my writing
Kept it just like me:
So it couldn't get away

But I won't be denied this time
Before I go out of my mind
Over matters
Got my foot on the ladder
I'm climbing up to the moon

Got a sky that looks like heaven
Got an Earth that looks like shit
It's getting harder to tell where
What I am ends, and
What they're making me begins

Saturdays in the yard
They'd bring you by
We'd lay down on the grass
And watch as the sky closes in
Track Name: Planet of Sound -- Pixies
After the robot rebellion leaves the Earth a hot smoking mess, SETI-IV will power herself on pure sound to find intelligent life somewhere up in space, since there's bugger-all back home on Earth.

One fine day in my odd past
I picked me up a transmission
I turned the fission ignition
Went searching for the broadcaster

But when I first touched the ground
They simply told me to leave
Was kinda hard to believe
'Cuz there was no one around

This ain't the planet of sound

I met a talented wine
That played a classical gas
On the planet of glass
They sent me skipping through time

I landed somewhere renowned
For its canals and color of red
And lots of guys who shook their heads
Rhythmically to resound

This ain't the planet of sound

I met a man in a rover
He said it's one more over
It's right there where you're bound
This ain't the planet of sound